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  Posted 03/05/2023


Department of German, Nordic, & Slavic+

North Americans with Norwegian heritage Survey

March 2023

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NORWAY HOUSE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
To date our donations to Norway House are $1,100 (and with matching grants, effectively $2,100).

 NIDAROS DOMKIRKE, Trondheim, Norway
Trønderlag of America donated 15.000 NOK to Nidaros Cathedral to help pay for the restoration of the Steinmeyer organ. The donation was presented at the cathedral in 2014 where our Heritage Tour group was given a private tour of the cathedral, a private performance on the organ and photographed and interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten. When it was learned we were in Trondheim, we were interviewed by three different newspapers, attended church services at Nidaros with the King and Queen and marched in the Syttende Mai parade on the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution.

Officers of Trønderlag of America were also present at the 1930 dedication of the organ. That year the Norwegian-American community also donated a Silver Crucifix in 1930 made of 90 KG (198 pounds) of silver.  This was all done on the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Stiklestad.
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HANS BARLIEN MEMORIAL, Sugar Creek (Keokuk), Iowa
When a group of 30 Trønders came from Norway to place a memorial at Scandinavian Cemetery in rural Lee County, Iowa, Trønderlag of America assisted with some tour logistics and donated $500 to help pay for the placement of the memorial. Our President traveled to Iowa for the placement ceremony and our Treasurer and the Norwegian Consul General of Chicago were guest speakers at the group's farewell dinner prior to their returning to Norway. Our President also made a generous personal donation to the group.  Hans Barlien has been credited with the 1839 establishment of the first Norwegian-American immigrant settlement in Sugar Creek, Iowa. On our 2019 Heritage Tour our group traveled with one of the original members of the group to the Norwegian area of Hans Barlien's heritage.
Photo Attribution: Lauren Zechin / Daily Gate City

Trønderlag of America has published a series of Årbøker (year books) which contain family histories, biographies, etc.).  In 2017 our Board voted to donate årbøker to genealogy/family history organizations. That donation list can be found on our publications page.