2024 TOUR UPDATE (04/16/2024)
MAY 28 - JUNE 9, 2024 - 13 DAYS
Reservations are basically closed. There is a small possibility to join the tour by contacting Erling Hansen directly who will see if can get another room, and purchase more tickets.

HIGHLIGHTS: You experience the three main cities in Norway (Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim), mountains, valleys, ferries, fjords, a fjord cruise on Geirangerfjord, 3 nights in extra special 4-star hotels (one where Princess Märtha Louise will be married), and a scenic journey through fjord country, ending in Trondheim where you may wish to extend your time for more personal experiences.

Greater details are available on our Heritage Tours Page 




WE ARE A "BYGDELAG" (organization which focuses on a specific area of Norway) for the purposes of maintaining and enhancing fellowship among the descendants of people from the Trøndelag area of Norway and to maintain a bond between "Trønders" in North America and Norway. We focus on genealogy and family history, maintain a large research library, and provide assistance to those seeking to learn more about their "Trønder" history.

Trøndelag (without an "R") is the name of a region of Norway. People from Trøndelag call themselves "Trønders". A lag is a club or organization. Trønderlag (with an "R") is then the name of an organization of Trønders.

Founded in 1908, Trønderlag of America members trace their Norwegian heritage back to North and South  Trøndelag fylker (counties) in Norway.

While North and South Trøndelag were combined into a single county (fylke) in 2018 simply named "Trøndelag", we continue to refer to the previous fylke names of both North and South Trøndelag for research purposes. There are 48 kommuner (municipalities) in Trøndelag and Trønder genealogy research is generally focused by kommuner.

With members scattered across three countries, our only regularly scheduled meeting is our annual "stevne" in August of each year. We mainly connect through our web site, our newsletter, our Facebook page, our annual meeting, and research requests to our Genealogist. Those with detailed interest might want to read about our history.



1. Aid in the preservation of Norwegian history, culture and heritage for coming generations by collecting and preparing historical information and data relative to immigration and settlement and to encourage research and writing of family, immigration and settlement histories.

2. Maintain communication and working relationships between the members of Trønderlag and other related organizations with Norwegian Heritage.

3. Develop and maintain a library of resources, such as bygdebøker (farm histories), Norwegian church and government records and other such genealogical information.

4.  Maintain and enhance fellowship among the descendants of people from the Trøndelag area of Norway and to maintain a bond between Trønders in North America and Norway. 


As our financial position allows, Trønderlag of America makes donations to organizations/causes in the U.S. and Norway, especially if there is a connection to Trøndelag.


DONATION: We have a separate donation form (see the green donate button), and many members make a donation at the time they join or renew their membership. Your donation helps us expand our research materials. Trønderlag of America, is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

  • The river Nid ("Nidelven") flows through Trondheim and under The Old Town Bridge ("Den Gamle Bybro"). Our "lag song" is "Nidelven"
  • Our 2014 Heritage Tour Group on a hill overlooking Trondheim.
  • Trønderlag of America Heritage Tour Group proud to be marching in Trondheim's Syttende Mai Parade celebrating the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution
  • Before we marched in the 2014 Syttende Mai "Citizens Parade", 20,000 children marched in barnetog!
  • Young boys in suits and girls in bunads or beautiful dresses, colorful uniforms and flags everywhere!
  • AND THE CHILDREN JUST KEPT COMING, School after School, Grade after grade.
  • Our members love to travel to Norway
  • Each member might travel to different parts of this beautiful country
  • Each discovers their own personal memories
  • But we always seem to come back to Trondheim
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Located  in the central part of Norway, Trøndelag is the Norway's second largest county.  Created in 1687, it was named Trondhjem County. In 1804 it was separated into two counties (North and South Trøndelag) and on January 1, 2018, the two counties were merged back into a single county. The administrative center of the county is Steinkjer. Trøndelag county and the neighboring Møre og Romsdal county together form what is known as Central Norway. Trøndelag presents a wide range of scenery — mountains, valleys, lowlands, forests, streams, waterfalls, lakes, farms, cities and fishing villages.

Trøndelag's largest city, Norway's third largest city and the seat of the county Mayor. 

Founded in 997 by Olav Tryggvason, whose tall statue overlooks the city, Norway’s medieval capital has the Gothic-style Nidaros Cathedral dominating its skyline. Nidaros was traditionally the sight of the coronation of Norway’s kings, and most recently their family weddings.  The Nid river (Nidelven) flows through the city into the Trondheim Fjord. The song "Nidelven" is Trønderlag of America's lag song.

We connect with members whose heritage comes from North and South Trøndelag, and often use Trondheim as "home base" for our visits and research trips

Photo credit - www.pIxabay.com Nidelven towards Nidaros

We marched in Trondheim's 2014 Syttende Mai parade celebrating the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution. Our group had a private tour of Nidaros Cathedral with a performance on the restored Steinmeyer Organ before attending a special Ecumenical service at Nidaros attended by the King & Queen, and other dignitaries.
Photo credit - www.satrum.net

We research our ancestors at the regional archives. Each Heritage tour allows the opportunity for members to have "free time" to research as they need.

Photo credit - www.satrum.net

Annual Meeting(stevne)

2023 Stevne August  1-4, 2023,   Moorhead, Minnesota.

Our annual meeting is called a "stevne". This is your chance to connect with others who love this part of Norway. Take part in genealogy labs with research assistance using the our resources (books, films, maps, family histories). Stevner (plural of stevne) also feature seminars on cultural and historical Norwegian-American topics, a traditional banquet and many other enjoyable activities! We partner with 4 other "lags" and refer to our stevne as the "FLERE LAG STEVNE" (the stevne of many (5) lags) partnering for a better overall experience for our collective members by sharing the costs for the venue, speakers, etc.

Stevne programs may feature a variety of Norwegian cultural and educational activities. Displays of Norwegian arts and crafts, consumption of ethnic foods, choral and instrumental music, books and readings, fiddlers and folk dancing, genealogy classes, noted speakers, video tapes, and Norwegian language in signs, songs or speech may be used. Details are on our Stevne Page


We currently have hundreds of members in 36 states plus Canada and Norway and even have one member in England!

Our dues are very modest with U.S. memberships of $12/1 year, $22/2 years and $30/3years. Canadian memberships are $13/year and Norwegian memberships are $15/year.  Lifetime memberships are $200 for any member. Spouses and partners are included at no additional cost. Details are on our Membership Page.

Genealogy Research

Our Genealogist and volunteers will help you.

Trønderlag of America's collection of research materials, targeted at North and South Trøndelag, is believed to be the largest in the world (with the possible exception of the Family History Center in Salt Lake City or the Library of Congress), and is continually updated and expanded. If you are traveling to Trøndelag, please contact our Genealogist for a list of documents to buy and bring back. We will reimburse you for any document costs. Details are on our Genealogy Research Assistance Page.

TRAVEL (for research and to experience Norway).

Every five years we travel to Trøndelag for family history research and to visit family and friends. Our travel also takes us to other parts of Norway.




Trønderlag of America


In March of 1904 a group of Trønders met to plan a Trønderlaget stevne but failed. After some effort Trønderlaget (later Tronderlag of America) was created on September 17, 1908 at Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

There were 120 charter members but before the next stevne, more than 400 joined. In 1925 the membership had grown to 2,556 to become one of the largest stevner.
Constitution and Bylaws


TRØNDERLAG NYHETSBREV: Members receive our newsletter, Trønderlag Nyhetsbrev, -  a 12-16 page newsletter,  three times a year.  It contains information about the activities of the Trønderlag and its stevner as well as genealogical and cultural articles.

ÅRBØKER (year books):
The purpose of the yearbook is to help us maintain a history of Trønderlag and share that history with lag members and others. Our special focus was immigrant biographies and we were highly successful in having a large number submitted for the book. Some biographies included several generations of families. Many included photos.


Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
Minnesota Council of Non Profits
Our Board members are members of multiple organizations in the United States and Norway.  

Bygdelagenes Fellesraad


"Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad" (NABF), is the national council for the twenty-nine (currently active) affiliated Norwegian-American Bygdelag.

Founded on November 17, 1916, the Fellesraad has been continuously active in the bygdelag movement for over one hundred years.

Trønderlag of America is one of the many bygdelags.

In Norway, a bygd - pronounced "big-dh", Is a region or district (tied together by common traditions). The word is a variation on the word bygge (to build) or a "built up place".

Like many groups of immigrants, Norwegians from the same area wanted a connection to the "old country" and started attending a convention each year to maintain this link. Attendance could range from the hundreds to the thousands. These groups were called "bygdelags" (organizations of people from the same area with the same interests).

The Bygdelagenes Fellesraad web site explains its purpose and lists information about each of the bygdelags. You may find information about your Norwegian heritage at more than one.



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Trønderlag Membership
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General Inquiries

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